Service Plans

Terms & Conditions

Here are the standard terms and conditions for Phoenix Climate Control Experts that are meant to govern our interaction with our customers and other stakeholders.

  1. Incorporation

These terms and conditions are meant to govern the provision of services or sale of products by Phoenix Climate Control Experts to our esteemed customers. No any modification on these terms and conditions, whether included in the purchase order of the customers or otherwise can bind Phoenix Climate Control Experts unless any our authorized employee agrees to it, in which case it must be signed.

  1. Quotation and prices

Worth noting is that any quotation that Phoenix Climate Control Experts offers is only an invitation to treat in which case it is not a contractual or obligatory offer. After issue, any quotations will only hold for thirty days but Phoenix Climate Control Experts reserves the right to withdraw any quotation given at any time. Ideally, the prices included in quotations will be based on the requests, drawings and/ or specifications given to us by customers. A change in the specification or the request given by the customer can result in a variation of the price which Phoenix Climate Control Experts will communicate to the customer.

  1. Payment

For the installation and supply of any of our products/ units, unless otherwise agreed, the payment will be strictly COD and the invoice should be paid to a maximum of thirty days from the date and time it was drawn. For services provision, the payment is COD unless otherwise agreed and payment should be completed within thirty days from when the invoice was drawn. Failure to make payment within the credit terms agreed creates a stop credit automatically and recommencing it is only possible when all amount due has been received and confirmed by the company.

  1. Delivery

Phoenix Climate Control Experts only quotes the estimates of delivery times and we do not accept any liability for delay or failure to deliver the goods/ products/ services. In addition, a delay in delivery of goods doesn’t relieve the customer of his obligation to pay for goods or accept them. Phoenix Climate Control Experts can in its discretion deliver goods by installments. We will however always try our best to deliver the goods on time as promised to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers at all times.

  1. Warranty and claims

Any service given under warranty by Phoenix Climate Control Experts is available only between the company’s working hours from Monday to Friday.  Public holidays are excluded from this and routine maintenance is not counted as warranty and this includes misuse of equipment, filter cleaning, operator error, lack of routine maintenance and so on.

Before entering into any contract with us, Phoenix Climate Control Experts advises its customers to read and fully understand our terms and conditions. We are committed to providing our customers with the best services possible but only within the terms and conditions stipulated here above.