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Air Filtration & Ventilation for Phoenix

Buying an air filter is not always an easy affair as most homeowners might tend to imagine. Unfortunately, most people simply go for the cheapest filters available on the market in their efforts of ensuring that they save big on the purchase. But as our technicians will tell you, the two most important things worthy considering when buying an air filter is efficiency and price. If you are able to strike a balance between these two, you will certainly be thrilled with the working of the air filter as it will guarantee the best ventilation at your home.

Our experts will tell you that the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value is used to measure how effective the air filter is. This one essentially ranges between 1 and 20 and the more expensive air filters are the ones with whose MERV rating is higher. But there is more to this because as we have found out, buying an air filter with higher ratings could make pushing the air via the ducts more expensive and this can essentially compromise its efficiency.

It is in this regard that we usually recommend our customers to opt for an air filter with an intermediate MERV rating as this is the most ideal for their HVAC systems. Contact us today and we will offer you first hand advice on how to boost the ventilation of your home.